Instagram AutoPilot Guide

Increase your following and grow your traffic on AutoPilot with Instagram

What if you had thousands of eager fans waiting for your next product to go live?

What if you could grow

Your Audience

Your Traffic

Your Email List

And Your Income...

Without having to spend unnecessary hours doing work that has nothing to do with your actual Business?


Here's a Secret... You Can!

And Here's My Story to Prove it...

I'm Chris Allan Li

In April 2016, I quit my Job at a Startup, to be a full time Solopreneur.

I had enough savings to last me for one year.

I spent my first 4 months working 14+ hour days to develop 2 amazing products, 2 products which I had felt very proud of, 2 products that I spent 60 days each crafting to perfection...

Only for both of those products to fall flat on their faces!

The sting of failure sucks!, but it was the wasted time...

it was the 4 months I spent prototyping, building and crafting...

it was the first third of my savings gone...

it was those 120 days spent with nothing to show for it... that's what stung the most.

Enough was enough, I needed to do something different...


The Importance of Growing an Audience

Building Customers Before Products

Rummaging through the interwebs for answers, I discovered about the importance of building an audience and an email list...

Tim Ferriss, best-selling author and angel investor, wrote an article about how startup, Harry's, had a huge launch day because they spent time building an audience before hand.

James Altucher, entrepreneur and podcaster, avidly speaks about how if he had to start over from scratch, he would recreate his success by building an email list around a niche and sell them affiliate products.

If I could build an audience around my work, I would basically be building a fan base of customers... before I even had a product!

I knew that in order for me to be successful, I needed to grow my Audience. Fast!


Challenge: Develop The Most Effective, Time Efficient Way To Grow an Audience From Scratch

I knew I had to be on Social Media, not only to develop an audience there, but also to drive traffic to my website to grow my email list. Kill 2 birds with one stone. Efficient and Effective.

I was busy as hell, doing freelancing gigs to pay the bills, and supporting the few customers I had on previous projects...

I didn't want to spend the little money I had on an expensive ad budget...

So I challenged myself to find a way where I could exert the minimum effective dose, to get the maximum amount of results...

I came up with systems and automated processes to grow my audience so that I could also work on other aspects of my business at the same time...

I grew my audience on Facebook and Twitter... But it was Instagram that I received the most surprising results...

It was Instagram that I received the best results, the biggest audience, the most engagement, and surprisingly the most web traffic... With the least amount of effort.


All In On Instagram

I couldn't believe it...

I got my first 1000 followers on Instagram in 30 Days!

I consistently get 30+ followers a day and sometimes upwards of 100 followers in a single 24 Hour period!

I get hundreds of click throughs to my website a month!

I finally felt free to be able to devote most of my attention on working on new projects again knowing I had an audience of potential customers growing...

It was amazing to see the excitement brewing around upcoming products because I was hyping them up with my followers...

And... I'm getting more sales than ever before!

And all of this... Essentially on AutoPilot...

because of the systems and automations I put in place...

And now you can take advantage of this system as well!


This is what Cathy Huffman, one of my earliest students, has to say about the Instagram AutoPilot Guide

( Screenshot taken straight from Instagram )

Ready to get started and get results like this?


The Instagram AutoPilot Guide

The Systems, The Tools, and The Hacks for Massive Growth

In this course you will learn

  • How to craft the perfect "follow-worthy" Instagram profile
  • The #1 reason why people are compelled to follow others on Instagram and how to harness that in your Profile
  • The System I personally use to grow my following by 33+ followers a day with minimal time and effort
  • How to utilize "Social Proof" to earn trust and increase your following like crazy
  • The checklist in crafting the Perfect Instagram Post
  • The simple one liner to add to your Instagram description that will massively increase the click throughs to the link in your bio ( it's crazy that I haven't seen anybody else doing this )
  • How to save time by batch scheduling your Instagram posts

Plus Several Bonus Modules that include

  • Content Creation: How to create content for the photography challenged
  • Ecommerce & Blog Traffic Explosion: Tools and tips on how to drive traffic to your e-commerce store or blog with Instagram
  • And... The Evergreen Social Media Strategy with Instagram: How to automatically recycle your evergreen Instagram posts

Are you ready to start building a fan base around your work on AutoPilot?

Get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why only $29?
If you’re thinking "$29 is cheap…what’s the catch?" then here are two reasons that should put your mind at ease:

1. $29 puts this course within the reach of everyone…from solo entrepreneurs to startups and even Fortune 500. (And at $29, you shouldn’t have to get approval or fill out a purchase order.) ;)

2. It weeds out the freebie-seekers. I only want serious entrepreneurs and social media marketers who take action, and in my experience charging anything…even if it’s just a buck… gets rid of 99% of the chuckle-heads.

We also believe that once you experience this course you'll want more and maybe…just maybe…you'll come back, and buy more of my other future products.

But that's it…

No fine print…no "hidden trials"…no shenanigans. Just the information you need and the results you want.

What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 60 days and we will give you a full refund.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.